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Academic Qualifications


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Oxford University


  • Juris Kandidat, Juris Licentiate and Juris Doctor, University of Stockholm


  • Licence en droit, Université de Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris


  • Diploma, Diritto Europeo, Università di Torino




Ingrid Detter Frankopan is an established and respected academic and author with a specialism in International Law and The Law of War.


Detter Frankopan has published 14 books and numerous articles.




  • Law Making by International Organizations, (Norstedt), Stockholm, 1965
  • Essays on the Law of Treaties, (Sweet & Maxwell), London 1967
  • The East African Community and the Common Market, (Longman), London, 1970
  • Finance and Protection of Investments in Developing Countries, (Gower), 1974; 2nd ed. 1987
  • International Law and the Independent State, (Gower), 1974; 2nd ed. 1987
  • International Adoptions and the Conflict of Laws, (Almquist & Wiksell), Uppsala, 1975
  • Bibliography of International Law, (Bowker), New York, 1975
  • Ekonomisk integrationsratt, (Almquist & Wiksell), Stockholm, 1976
  • The Concept of International Law, (Norstedt), Stockholm, 1987; 2nd ed. 1995
  • The Law of War, (Cambridge University Press), 1987; 2nd ed. 2000; 3rd ed. in the press
  • International Law for Students, (Jagellonica), Stockholm, 1989
  • International Law, (Jagellonica), Stockholm, 1989
  • Space Law, (forthcoming)
  • The International Legal Order, (Gower), London, 2nd ed., 1995





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  • ‘New Forms of Sovereignty and the Right to Protect R2P‘, published by St. Thomas More Institute, London, 2011


and numerous book reviews, minor articles and notes;




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