Multi jurisdictional Barrister



Ingrid Detter Frankopan is an international Barrister with rights of audience in multiple European Countries.


Ingrid is a senior member of Three Stone, a leading London commercial and chancery chambers. See Ingrid's Three Stone Profile here.


Ingrid is of counsel to a RJ Gaudet & Associates LLC, a US Law Firm, and has appeared as an Expert Witness in the US Courts. See Ingrid's RJ Gaudet Profile here.


Ingrid regularly acts as an International Arbitrator on cross jurisidictional disputes.



  • Counsel and Adviser to the US Justice Department in two terrrorist trials in the US Supreme Court, in two terrorist trials, Hamdi v Rumsfeld and Rumsfeld v Padilla, in which my work on the Law of War was cited as the only academic authority;


  • Counsel in the Freezing Assets Case (settled), concerning rights of the UK Government to freeze assets of Iran in US Banks in London, pending the release of the hostages at the US Embassy in Teheran;


  • Counsel in the Sir William Lithgow ad Others v the Government of the United Kingdom, concerning the application of compensation rules under international law in the UK and the effect in the UK of prohibition of to retrospective legislation under international law;


  • Counsel in an ICC Arbitration in Geneva in a Case between a Multinational and and an Investment Company concerning international rules of agency;


  • Counsel in a Case on State immunity in the Swiss Supreme Court, presenting Pleadings in German;


  • Counsel, pleading in German, before the Swiss Data Protection Commission in a Case concerning State immunity;





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